Ayn Rand, the inflammation of Objectivism, was an spur to Frank R Wallace. Her powerfulness on advance versions of Neo-Tech Power is self-evident. Wallace showed remarkable reverence for Objectivism, above all Rand's fresh Atlas Shrugged.

Wallace quoted Rand voice communication 'save me from the Randians'. Rand was her same repulsed by the cult-ish craze approaching from Objectivists at that instance.

Wallace wanted to mortal that doctrinaire narrow-minded cult ensuing of Objectivism into a importantly leveraged press of brain power and power.

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Objectivism lengthy Aristotle's philosophical system of A 'is' A, but Alfred Korzybski took 'is' away. Frank R Wallace replaced it all next to Neo-Tech Objectivism.

Wallace erstwhile advisable that the Atlas Shrug traits John Galt had influential powers probably onwards veridical outlook. Ayn Rand claimed that her hero's unconcealed the genuineness of man. Objectivism seems to have provided no such as sincere life span leader (that I am sensitive of).

In fact, language Ayn Rand's premature fiction, you can unambiguously see a inborn dislike of trueness that Rand seems to have imbued. Cuts from The Fountainhead verify Howard Roarke as just about insane in his want of heedfulness. I be to think the persona even claiming he was incompetent of fondness. He unambiguously seemed that way in the cut edits that never made it into the published performance of The Fountainhead. Neo-Tech approaches quality experience from a amazingly antithetical angle, evolving from n rises from research into the history of love, beside quality spirit as beingness the direct content. This was not observably expressed in Ayn Rand's writings. Perhaps it would have been her subsequent original.

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I sense Ayn Rand's Objectivism treeless a causeway for Wallace to develop for providing the 'human' line-up of the not easy facts of sincerity.

Similarities involving Neo-Tech and Objectivism

Both Neo-Tech and Objectivism postulate the primacy of years to state of mind. In easier tongue that simply way that reality exists 'before' consciousness has a point to be there. Platonic religious belief and Kant would have words that state of mind is primary, that experience is seated inwardly this entry we ring up cognitive state. Both Neo-Tech and Objectivism forcefully dispute.

Differences: Objectivism utilised 5 classifications of way of life. Here they are beside Objectivism keyword for all aggregation in the brackets.

I'm active to phone them Objectivism Metaphysics (reality), Objectivism Epistemology (knowledge), Objectivism Politics (capitalism), Objectivism Aesthetics (never defined), and Objectivism Ethics (selfishness).

Neo-Tech's definitions for Metaphysics (business), Epistemology (Neo-Think), Politics (no induction of social unit), Ethics (value composition), and Aesthetics (value musing).

Perhaps Frank R Wallace and Ayn Rand would have come to rather rigid agreements in a private discussion. Wallace would to be sure have seen far and yawning. Ayn Rand mightiness have slapped his frontage.

Neo-Tech broadens the limit of Objectivism, some philosophically, and commercially.

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