Love is patient

Love is kind

Self and pride

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Never have time

Patience is side by side to virtue

It is fundamentally the glue

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That holds race together

Enabling us to endure

Remain inside pure

Push ancient anguish and cure

Circumstances and challenges

Life's convoluted complexities

True be mad about comes beside longevity

It is not hasty to up and leave

It abides and dwells faithfully

It ever has staying power

Is fit any day or hour

To confer of itself wholeheartedly

Rejoice in others natural event happily

Mourn with the bereft sincerely

Deal next to consternation tenderly

Rejoice in the lawfulness honestly

Embrace challenge humbly

Keep its vows in matrimony

Love tirelessly unconditionally

Patience reflects peaceful deity

Loving obligingness is profound and hearty

Feeling and informative transparency

Love as well comes next to integrity

Patient adulation is not in a hurry

It can hang about when it wishes to

Listen whenever it has to

Hug when emotionally led to

Help when a mortal is in need

Patience even does with wisdom plead

When a misbehaving soul does bleed

A workaholic is conquer with greed

A objects wrongdoer requests to be freed

An desensitised domestic partner of necessity to feed

The hunch of his loved that's hungry

Patience creature comforts those who are lonely

Shows up whenever it is peak timely

Puts the breaks on whenever necessary

To tardy trailing to the innocent velocity of life

Put an end to incessant, strenuous strife

Honors one's outstanding and dear wife

Uplifts the down and disheartened

Comes in when all others have departed

Takes a bit long when others darted

Patience is best touchy-feely and liberating

Causing emotion to be well-lined and saturating

Therefore try to be tolerant and kind

As you do bloom of beingness you will breakthrough.

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